Garden Homes

Palo Duro Retirement Village garden homes are approximately 1,500 to 2,000 square feet in size and include many of the same current amenities as the apartments. 

The location is surrounded by the West Texas A&M University(WTAMU) campus and designed to develop a close relationship with the University in order to enhance the quality of life of alumni and friends that only a university can provide. 

Amenities tie in with WTAMU include access to University athletic events, theater/plays, musical performances, classes, an activity center for wellness as well as availability of the library and bookstore. Transportation is provided by both the University and Palo Duro Retirement Village to campus activities. 

Each home has the optimum in security through cooperation with the Canyon Police Department and the University police force in addition to the Village's own security people and cameras. A optional feature of the garden homes includes a "Safe Room" designed to be tornado proof. 

Garden Home lots for sale. Please call for pricing.

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