About Palo Duro Retirement Village

      A need for a senior retirement facility that would provide residents with companionship, recreation and security led to the formation of the Palo Duro Village Cooperative in the early 1980's/ Louis Hinders and other Canyon residents including Dale Pulliam, Joe Wieck, Emmitt Smith, Ray Lumry, Charles Gerald, and A.W. Lair were the founders. Hinders' retired mother and mother-in-law both had challenges finding safe, affordable housing. Knowing those challenges finding safe, affordable housing. Knowing those challenges, he visited the Ebenezer Society of Minneapolis, a facility much like the one he envisioned for Canyon, Texas. He spearheaded the process that ultimately established a facility that would "provide quality senior citizen housing at cost and promote and active and independent lifestyle that fosters privacy, safety and companionship." After researching financing options and fact finding, Hinder and other founding board member determined that forming a private cooperative would be the optimal way to proceed. 

     In 1984, after several years of planning, a land purchase, a land swap with then West Texas State University, construction of the original facility designed by architect Howard Ensign was completed by Paige and Wirtz. The innovative, forward thinking plan for cooperative ownership has been an ongoing success. Occupants purchase stock in the cooperative that entitles them to occupy a housing unit; the value of the unit determines the cost of the stock. The cooperative operates at cost with no profit; all funds are re-invested in the cooperative. Each year costs are reviewed, an emergency reserve is set aside and the next year's operating cost is set and divided between the units accordingly. 

     Palo Duro Retirement Village attracts people with children in the areas, as well as WTAMU alumni who want to live near the university. It is a close-knit community where relationships are encouraged. Activities range from potluck suppers, coffee groups, and organized games to massage therapy and blood pressure checks. Other activities include weekly Bible studies, sing-alongs and birthday parties. Included int ehw bost of living at the facility is inside and all outside maintenance, monthly housekeeping, 24/7 attendant on duty and transportation to attend Amarillo Symphony, WTAMU events, and Monthly Dine-Around. Other amenities include a library, laundromat, beauty shop and notary services. Grandchildren are welcome and ponds on the property are stocked with fish where grandparents take their grandchildren fishing. 

     The facility encompasses several acres and has an apartment complex with units ranging from 712 to 1,331 square feet. Starting in 2007 garden homes were added to the compound because younger retirees are attracted to the growing trend of living in garden homes in personalized planned communities. Palo Duro Retirement Village has a working agreement with an adjacent nursing home and assisted living center to make transition from their facility a seamless process.  

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Board of Directors

"To Provide Secure Independent Living Community for Seniors"

Palo Duro Retirement Village Board of Directors 2018/2019

President - Dale Pulliam

Vice President - Tim Lewis

Secretary - Lila Thayer

Treasurer - Lila Thayer

Sylvia Artho

Stan Barnard

Rodney DeMoss

Jeanie Eichenberger

Glenda Wilkerson

Jerry Woods


Executive Director

Debbie Brantley

An employee of Palo Duro Retirement Village since 1988, Debbie  Brantley was appointed as Executive Director in December of 2017. Debbie's primary role as Executive Director is to sell and manage the Palo Duro Retirement Village compound and to "take care of the residents". Debbie and her husband Bill live on site and consider the 80 village residents their family.  Debbie enjoys watching crime shows on television, reading and traveling with her husband.